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We offer online continuing education courses for all 50 of the USA states.

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         Courses topics for online and classroom :
Unit 1: Introduction to the Real Estate Business
Unit 2: Real Property and the Law
Unit 3: Fair Housing
Unit 4: Interest in Real Estate
Unit 5: Forms of Real Estate Ownership
Unit 6: Land Description
Unit 7: Transfer of Title
Unit 8: Title Records
Unit 9: Real Estate Brokerage
Unit 10: Real Estate Agency
Unit 11: Client Representation Agreements
Unit 12: Real Estate Contracts
Unit 13: Real Estate Taxes and Other Liens
Unit 14: Real Estate Financing: 
Unit 15: Government Involvement in Real Estate Financing
Unit 16: Real Estate Appraisal
Unit 17: Closing the Real Estate Transaction
Unit 18: Leases
Unit 19:  Property Management
Unit 20: Land use controls and Property Development
Unit 21: Environmental Issues and the Real Estate Transaction
Unit 22: Investing in Real Estate
Unit 23: Real Estate Investment

Online Only
Unit 24: Tennessee Licensing Overview
Unit 25: Operating a Real Estate Business in Tennessee
Unit 26: Tennessee Agency Overview
Unit 27: Contracts and Closings Overview
Unit 28: Tennessee License Law Enforcement Overview
Unit 29: Tennessee Specialty Topics
Unit 30: Title Issues
Final Exam

Online Education    School #1

   "Careerweb school"

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Online Education       School # 2

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 "Re Campus School"
60 Hours = $325.00      30 Hours = $140.00    Total = $465.00

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course packages with several price options.
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           60 Hour Prelicense

​   Care+er the Real Estate Learning Center offers the

   Tennessee Real Estate 60 hour  pre-license course in two formats:

Option # 2 

Classroom / Distance  Workbook.  $499.00.

​1. You must have a Real Estate background and a reference from a licensed Realtor.
2. You must reserve your space by paying for your class 10 days in advance. 

This class is a 45 day distance class meeting  Tuesdays and Thursdays. 9:00am - 12:00pm


Two days out of a week that will work for your schedule.       


All classroom classes cancelled for 2018.

Advance Registration closes 10 days before the class is schedule to start . 

We Highly recommend the online courses. Yes you are capable of completing and passing this online course.