Price list:  3 Hours= $29.00/ 4 Hours =$39.99/ 6 Hours = $59.00
5207 --- Mortgage Fraud/Cancer ------------- 3 Hours    
6582 --- Puzzles Real Estate ----- 4 Hours                                                                                    
7593 --- Everyday Ethics in RE --------------- 4 Hours    (Mandatory)  

8126 --- TREC Core Course ------------------- 6 Hours  (2017-2018)  (Mandatory)
7187 --- Building Green ------------------------ 6 Hours
7594 --- Commercial & Investment ------------ 6 Hours 
7592 --- The Truth About Mold ---------------- 6 Hours

8105 --- Red Flags-------------------------------- 4 Hours (New)
8106 --- Real Estate Finance Today ----------- 6 Hours (New)

8107--- Real Estate Taxes ------------------------6 Hours (New)
7188 -- Insiders Guide to Commercial RE----- 30 Hours----$150.00

8104 -- Essentials of Real Estate Investment -- 30 Hours ---$150.00 (New)
6259 -- Property Management --- 60 Hours---$300.00                                                                 
6542 -- Absolute Real Estate ----- 60 Hours--$300.00   


Listed below is our Tennessee continuing education manual pencil and paper courses. 

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 60 hour -- Property Management 

60 hour -- Absolute Real Estate

30 hour -- Commercial Real Estate 

30 hour -- Essentials of Real Estate Investment

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There are to many continuing education courses to list them all.

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 06. Designation Courses

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There are to many continuing education courses to list them all.
CLICK the link above to select your course for all 50 of the USA

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